Mental Wellness Challenge – 2022, May 19

Mental Wellness Challenge

2022, May 19

Hello Blog…

My last challenge was:

  1. Laugh – just laugh. If you can, laugh til there’s tears in your eyes….
  2. Take the time to see. To see a budding leaf or a flower or plant struggling to break through the earth – to see the sun.
  3. Sing… Sing like nobody is listening – or sing like you have an audience – whatever you desire… but sing.

Hope you laughed out loud, saw the trees in the forest and filled your life with song!

My week or so was OK and I tried to meet my own challenge.  I know there were some times where I genuinely laughed hard enough that my sides hurt.  It’s interesting that when I am having a really good laugh – I can’t/don’t think about anything… I think… maybe I still do – but certainly the intensity of any other thoughts are diminished.


I have a maple tree in my front yard – I call it Mable the maple… just do… Mable has been having a tough time budding out.  It finally “sprung” some buds this week.  I find it mesmerizing/fascinating that Mable toughs it out – there’s been some really hard frosts – yet Mable pushes out new growth year after year.


I’m a “garage singer”… LOL… I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I sing, hum, whistle when I am “in the zone” and working on my own.  I have some tunes that I like to sing – and I’ll belt them out when I am reasonably confident nobody can hear me… sometimes I get caught… and I get a little embarrassed… All good I suppose.

I’ve made it through another week!!!  I got here – well, sometimes minute by minute… or hour by hour, but I got here nonetheless.

My headspace, mood is certainly stronger, more positive – even with all of the ‘stuff’ that is going on around me.  Something is working… My work?  My meds?  Longer days?  Not certain, likely a combination of everything, but I am absolutely stronger today than I was a week ago, much stronger today than I was in January.

There’s a piece of learning that has come around for me again…. “That which you resist, persists.”  Its an acceptance and understanding piece.  There’s stuff that’s going on around me that I have no influence over.  Some “circumstances” are super charged with emotional connection.  Most of those really “HOT” things are the bits and pieces of my experience that I have absolutely zero control over.  Can’t influence the outcomes of those circumstances at all… The Ukraine conflict for example.  I have zero influence on anything that happens over there…  I have come round to understanding again that there’s nada I can do about it.  Nada.  I have loved ones that have faced and continue to face serious life situations.  I have very little ability to influence any of the outcomes of those circumstances…  Yet I have been ruminating, worrying, stewing about them… and I am once again reminded (of my own previous learning) that worrying about something I can’t change is like paying interest on a debt I don’t owe… The worry takes resources I need to address other concerns…

There’s a conflict – an internal tension with this idea… I love these folks and I care very deeply for them.  So where do I end up.  My worry steals energy and resources that can make me stronger and more able to support them.  I’m certainly no support to anyone else when I can’t bear my own “stuff”.  And there’s the resolution to the tension – “If I can’t deal with my own stuff, how can I possibly support anyone else with their stuff?”

I’m not “good” yet, but I’m better.  There’s still some “walking through pudding” feeling – weighty, thick, but I am getting through it.

My patience for irritations is starting to get better as well.  I’m not as snarky… edgy.  I still tend to be super frustrated by folks who exhibit entitlement… How did my friend put that – “The world needs ditch diggers too…”

It is unfortunate – and I suppose a bit of a sign of the times – I’ve started to get numb with regards to the drama in the news and the world.  I don’t put stock into any of the reports in the news.  Local, regional, provincial, and federal politics is 100% disgusting – doesn’t matter where or on what side of an issue you stand – the politicians simply can’t be trusted.  Jaded view I suppose… yet, I’ve learned that the old adage about a politician’s lips moving and lies seems to prove out more often than not.

Gratitude has played a huge part in my feeling better.

My wellness challenge is:

  1. Do something unexpected for someone else.
  2. Give a friend, or a loved one a hug.
  3. Tell a friend, family member or co-worker that they are an important part of your life.

That’s it, I challenge you.