Mental Wellness Challenge – 2022, April 25

Mental Wellness Challenge 

2022, April 25

Hello Blog…

I didn’t blog last week – just wasn’t in me.

Last week my challenge for you was to:

  1. Ask yourself – “How’s my lawn?” Touch base with where you are.
  2. Read a poem that resonates with you, or maybe listen to or sing along with a song that means something to you. Poetry and music are powerful emotional tools.
  3. Give yourself a spring. Give yourself a new page to draw on.  Give yourself a mulligan.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed success in the challenge.

How was my lawn?  Well – I had some pretty “weedy”, crunchy, thistle ridden days last week.  Thursday was especially a long tough row to hoe…  Things are a little better the last few days – however I’ve had to really work at being lighter…


One of my favorite songs is Sounds Of Silence – Simon and Garfunkle…. One of my very favorite versions of the song is the one by Disturbed.  His voice and passion along with the production of the song has a magical effect for me.  I enjoy a bunch of different music… I’m not the type to just have music on in the background – that bothers me – however I very much enjoy taking time to just listen to tunes.


I struggle with new pages.  I have a tough time leaving things and moving on.  Its part of my ADHD… I think – maybe its just a piece of who I am – (either way, I suppose I’m right)… I like new pages to write on, but I have a really tough time pulling pages out of a book…. And I like to start writing at the top of the page… if someone puts a doodle at the bottom of a page or maybe in the middle of the page… I’ll turn to a new page and go from there… I know… I’m picky… I like to write with my own pens and pencils – I obsess a little (OK, a lot) if someone uses my favorite pencils or pens… strange for sure – but I’ve been like this for ages… ANYWAY – I’m off topic.  I have been trying to give myself some slack – a mulligan if you want…

This week – ok today – I don’t really know what I should share.  There’s been spaces in my experience the last while where confidence has absent, I’ve struggled and wandered from moment to moment trying to keep it together.

I’ve had many spaces where the tears are just behind or creeping into my eyes… my patience is onion skin like – brittle and thin, and my energy levels have – at times – well – I’ve been exhausted.  I can’t sleep – but I’m exhausted…

I understand that this is repetitive.  Same story, different day, and while some might say, “just change”, “just snap and you’re out of it”… I can’t.  I can’t just change any more than someone with a physical disability can “change” out of their disability.  I know I’ve share this before.  I really wish I never had to be in a place where I would share it again.

Pretty much – I need to keep putting one foot, intentionally, very carefully, in front of the other and keep moving.

This week my challenge is to:

  1. Dream a little… Langston Hughes is quoted as “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, you become a broken winged bird, that cannot fly.” I believe the intent here is deeper than what I am getting at – still – dream a little.
  2. Take a chance. Little chance, big chance – but take a chance.
  3. Enjoy a sunrise. The sun is coming up earlier now – so take the time to watch the sun break the Eastern horizon.

Take good, good care.  That’s it – I challenge you.


Please keep in mind that none of us really know another’s journey.  There could be a whole lot on someone’s plate… and you would have no idea.  I get that it can be hard, hard, hard sometimes… but please try to be patient with the folks around you.