Mental Wellness Challenge – 2021, March 12

Mental Wellness Challenge
2021, March 12


March 12 already.  Time is certainly rolling on…

My challenge last week was to:

  1. Take a little time to be outside. The seasons are changing again and its getting warmer outside (YIPPEE).  Take a little time for yourself to enjoy the warmth of the sun.
  2. Make a list of 10 values that help you navigate your life.
  3. Have a snooze. Treat yourself to a nap… just 15 minutes or so… just take time to “shut down” and disconnect – recharge.

How did you do?


I took the opportunity to be outside a little last week.  I made a point of standing in the sunshine – soaking it up… Was super nice.  There were some days last week where the breeze was fresh – but the sun sure did feel good.


Values:  Love, patience, persistence and perseverance, commitment, sincerity, family, kindness, acceptance, tolerance, and friendship.  These are 10 of my values that I identify as helping me navigate my experience.  These are certainly not the only values I use to help me along my way, but these are the ones that I identified earlier in my week.  Thinking about my values and how I need to do my best to align my actions with my values help me to be authentic.  I tend to be less of a people pleaser, I know that I am able to be more resilient to the negatives I encounter along my way and I am generally a better me.


I took some time to have a snooze… to be honest – I had more than one.  Not long sleeps, just a catnap… but enough to refresh me.  It was good.  I do try not to snooze much… I already have issues with sleeping at night – so daytime snoozes can mess with that even more…


The other week I had challenged myself to cut back on the technology that I was exposing myself to.  I put some mindfulness to work in that regard and did cut back considerably on my screen time.  It was a good thing…


I wasn’t going to post today.  I am just not “feeling it”.  Lots of stuff in my head – whirling around that I don’t really have a handle on.  Truthfully – that’s been a piece of my reality for the last while for sure.  My ADHD doesn’t change… the amount of energy I have to expend on forcing my attention or focus on a subject, conversation, task – does change… and not feeling great lately certainly does affect that energy…

Over the last couple of weeks I have read more and more studies that are showing links between ADHD and depression, ADHD and anxiety disorders and other ADHD discoveries that neural science is making.  They are also discovering strong links between PTSD, OCD and ADHD as well…  Some of the reading is WAY WAY WAY over my head… discussions about neurochemicals, areas of the brain that are affected, PET scans, and other scans… My take away from what I read is that – for 100% certainty – ADHD is real.  The answers to the questions that I have still aren’t all there… but I feel a small sense of vindication that some of my “issues” are matters of brain structure, chemical imbalances and operation and not faults in character.

I sometimes feel a want to… be able to challenge the comments of doctors and caregivers the past that used the words – “Kevin, its all in your head.”  And – while I suppose that they were correct in their statements (this happened more than a handful of times…), my problems certainly were “all in my head”, my issues weren’t imagined or contrived.  BUT… I can’t go back… I can’t say anything to those folks… be it my own parents, my doctors of “back in the day” or even the caregivers in my more current experiences.  They could not possibly know what they did not know.

There’s lots of “stuff” that comes from the not knowing… the biggest if fear and from that fear – stigma… and folks with mental health problems fight against stigma all the time.

In a way – this is a big piece of what I want to share about this week.  One idea really… its this… I need to be more accepting.  I need to be more tolerant.  I need to be more understanding… I need to be more…. Lots of things… because very plainly – I have ZERO idea what any other person is really experiencing.  ZERO.  If I make judgements, or become impatient, or derogatory of another – I am only serving to foster the issue in society that I am working hard to address.

It simply would be hypocritical of me to ask that society be more understanding, accepting or willing to learn about the realities of mental health issues, if I am not willing to model that understanding, accepting willingness to do it first.

My challenge for the week is:

  1. Pick a day in the next seven and make a point that day of trying to walk through that day being as aware as you can of the little marks you leave on those around you.
  2. Sincerely – try to be the change you want to see in the world. Model it.  Ask not of others, that, that you are not willing to model yourself.
  3. Go for a walk with a friend. Share your time with someone you care about.

That’s it for this week…


I challenge you…