Mental Wellness Challenge – 2021, June 25

Mental Wellness Challenge – 2021, June 25

I haven’t posted in a few weeks.  I’ve been unwell – physically unwell…  Certainly, being yucky physically impacts my mental wellness… Simply – I was not feeling well enough to sit down, think my way through a post and then put it together… I’m certainly glad I am feeling better the past couple of days… its been a tough row to hoe.

My challenges from a few weeks ago were:

  1. Look for your own reasons to appreciate each day. Maybe even write some of them down.
  2. Phone a friend… or a brother… or a sister… or your mother or father… connect with a part of your circle that you haven’t touched base with in a while.
  3. Take a bowl of ice cream, or a handful of raisins, or a chocolate bar if you are into that (MMMMM… Chocolate). Don’t just wolf the treat down.  Take little bites, think about the texture, the way the treat sits on your tongue, how it melts or doesn’t… Really taste the treat… the sweetness of the raisin, the way it starts to plump up on your tongue.  “Experience” the treat…  get all of your senses into it… how does it look, how does it taste, how does it feel when you swallow it… is it something you have to mash up with your teeth.  Get mentally into the treat – be there – 100% be there into the treat…

How did you folks do with my challenge – you might have to think back for sure…


On looking for reasons to appreciate each day – I have to be honest and say that this was not an easy thing for me to do every day.  I was certainly glad that I was on the right side of the grass – but there were times in the last three weeks where I wasn’t certain I was supposed to be on this side of the lawn…  I did take time to appreciate my little birds, the green grass and the early morning skies – I just love sunrises at this time of year.


I did NOT phone a friend or connect with someone outside of my usual circle.  I did not have the energy to invest in reaching out – at least – I didn’t feel like I had the energy.  It may very well be a truth that I might have been energized by the reaching out… but I didn’t do that.


I love my mindfulness exercises.. and the “eating something yummy” exercise is one of my favorites.  I did mine with a peppermint patty… I usually wolf those things down… (That’s kind of a failing for me… I gobble up treats… and should likely take more time in the savoring of them – they are supposed to be treats afterall)… anyway – I did the exercise – took my time – took a little bite – let the chocolate and the mint gooeyness melt on my tongue.  I closed my eyes and felt the slurry move around inside my mouth.  Let it just kind of find its way down my gullet… and for that moment – even though I felt like poo… and my brain was a foggy, muddy mess… all I paid attention to was the peppermint patty… For SURE, the world hadn’t really changed – but I was able to “BE” in the moment.  (So, I usually find myself thinking the same thing here – ‘Did the world change?’  maybe it did – for me – for that moment.  The physicality of my circumstances was the same – but my experience of my circumstances was certainly very different.)

I want to take a line or two and thank the folks that sent me a text or an email asking after me.  I appreciate their concern and I am gladdened to know folks look forward to my posts…  Thank you all very kindly.

We’ve entered summer – the solstice has come and gone and the days start getting shorter again for another trip around the sun.  I am very much looking forward to the warm days of summer and to getting some projects done that have been on my list for a few years.  We got a biggy off the list last year with the new roof on the house and garage… and we have more big projects on the horizon for this year…

There are tons of little projects to get to as well… they are just as important as the big projects – but they don’t seem to carry the same ‘focus’ for me… I think that some of this is just the way things are – and I think that some of this is my brain at work.  The bigger tasks carry more energy and I am more able to get on them… the smaller projects kind of end up as clutter in my big scheme of things… That is so very much like my life.

I know I am most settled when my “space” or “experience” or “life” is more organized… yet – this is a piece of my life that I struggle with… Struggle HARD with.  It also seems that the older I am getting, the worse I am at staying organized.  There are 100% things that I know I have to keep organized and I do.  Things like my government paperwork I have to keep for courses I teach, marks and records for students, all those sorts of things… imperative that I keep those things in order…  and I do…

Then – well – then there’s the other things… and I struggle with staying organized.  Its almost like I find some sort of comfort in the chaos of my clutter… (I wonder if this is a lie I am telling myself or if there’s actually some truth to it… – this is a piece I have wondered about over and over…) or maybe I’m hiding in the clutter – like that picture of ET hiding in all the stuffed toys…

I am so often aware of how my physical space is a reflection of my mental one… neat and orderly on the outside, WOW on the inside… like a duck – calm, cool, collected on the surface – paddling like hell below the surface… maybe we are all a little like that???


My eyes and brain are getting tired – so I am going to leave this here for now.

My challenge for you this week is to:

  1. Clean your windows… (figuratively or actually or both). Get a clear view of what’s outside.  Take some time to take notice of what’s on the other side of your “window”.  I’ve got a big window that is going to get cleaned the moment I am done with this post…
  2. Give yourself some love. If that means cutting yourself some slack – do that, if that means holding yourself a little more accountable, do that – but show yourself some love.
  3. Talk to a friend of family member, be open with them, tell them what they mean to you, let them know the importance they have in your life.


That’s it, I challenge you!




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  1. Thanks Kevin, I’m going to clean my windows this weekend! I love the ‘clear view’ association. I’m tired, it’s been busy and ready for vacation so I also need to work on ‘de-cluttering’. I hope you can get out in the cool forest this week!

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