Mental Wellness Challenge – 2021, April 9

Mental Wellness Challenge – 2021, April 9

Spring has come – and its very welcome!

Last week I challenged you to:

  1. Take some time to “Appreciate the beauty day.” See the trees in the forest.
  2. At some point, each day:
    1. Stand with your feet flat on the ground.
    2. Feel the connection of your feet, to the earth, up through your ankles, calves, thighs, waist, belly, chest and lungs, then up to your shoulders and head.
    3. Slowly take 5 big, deep belly breaths. Breath right down to your navel.  In through your nose, out through your mouth.
    4. After your five big breaths, tell yourself: “I am special, I am worthy of love, I am supposed to be right where I am, I am loved.”
  3. Write a couple of little notes of support for yourself and place them in your folded socks… mix them up… so that – one morning – maybe when you need it – you will happen upon some words of encouragement.

It’s my sincere hope that you were super successful in my challenge.  For me….

I made sure that I took time to see the wonderful world that I live in.  Right from the texture of grass and lawn to the intricate details to be found while looking at the trees on the horizon.  Every tree is different…. Wonderful… Some taller, some shorter – yet the all grow with incredible tenacity against whatever adversity becomes them… and true enough – some fall to the adversities encountered.


I had to really, really work at grounding myself this past week.  It was something that I need to do more of – to take the time to feel rooted, to feel steady and “in the right place at the right time”.  The grounding exercise helps me to focus my intention in that regard… I did, however, really struggle with being grounded this past 7 days.


I totally gapped on leaving myself notes – and I will make sure that I tend to this part of the challenge this week.  Pure and simple – I was distracted and forgot about this piece of my challenge.

I spent a BIG piece of my week partying… no – not whooping it up or feasting… but wallowing in a self-absorbed pity party… Feeling sorry for myself about my current situation, my circumstances.  I tend to drift to self-pity.  Something that I am not especially proud of… yet I do recognize this – woe is me – IS a piece of me.  AND I DON’T LIKE IT!

Perspective helps me pull my head out of my butt and shifts me away from feeling like a victim of my circumstances to a position of ability and influence.  Yes, I physically feel like poo and have felt this way for a long time – but there are others that are dealing with more and complain less… There’s lots of parables about this… and I know many of them – and they are pretty much true.  It could be worse… far worse.

When I wallow – I find that the self-pity just serves to deepen my sense of victimhood… and I am certain I am not unique in this regard.  So… what’s the solution…

Get up, dust off, do the best I can… look for a positive, take affirmative action.  If there’s an obstruction in my experience that I cannot surmount – the only option is looking for an alternate path.

As a statement – that’s pretty cut and dry… putting that into action is a whole other thing… so… I have to be mindful that its easier to change the direction of moving ball than it is to get it started in the first place… Start with baby steps… Take ACTION… some action… and yes, sometimes the path is back from whence I came… but it’s still action, it’s still a positive.

Yes – for certain there are so very many things that fall outside of my control… right down to a crick in the back that shows up from doing chores at home… it’s a pain – literally and figuratively – but it’s a hint to me from my body that I need to be doing something different…  or maybe an appointment with a specialist that keeps getting moved further backwards…. “Don’t they realize that I’m feeling like crap?”… And the truth is – likely not… and that’s not their doing… In the scheme of things – my tummy issues aren’t as urgent as other folk’s issues… They aren’t setting out punish me… It’s the system…

Ah ha!  There we go… shifting from being a victim, making the mental shift in position, helps me to rationalize/intellectualize and accept the reality of my circumstances… Locus of control… that sense of being or having charge over the path of my experience… but its not always as easy and straight forward for me…

I go round and round the same sticking points in my experience – and again – I know I’m not alone in this either… I think we all do.  Some things are harder to master… some folks have an easier time conquering adversities and challenges than others… Like those trees on the horizon – we are all different and we all move through our lives in different ways… I think the important piece to keep hold of here is to keep MOVING… (I very often come back to a place, a familiar place – where I tell myself  ‘You know this already, why are you here again?’… and many of those lessons are things I likely should have learned when I was a youngster…)

“Life’s the journey, not the destination.”  Si and for sure… I know this as a truth – and yet – I still tend to focus on a destination… More work to do here for certain..

This week I challenge you to:

  1. Be kind! Be as kind and thoughtful in your interactions as you possibly can.
  2. Do your best not to judge. Don’t judge others and don’t judge yourself harshly.
  3. Change your mind… Consider another’s perspective, consider your circumstances from a different point of view – just try on some mental flexibility.

And for me –

  1. Write a couple of little notes of support for yourself and place them in your folded socks… mix them up… so that – one morning – maybe when you need it – you will happen upon some words of encouragement

That’s it, I challenge you!

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  1. I love your challenges for this week, especially “Change your mind…. Consider another’s perspective, consider your circumstances from a different point of view – just try on some mental flexibility.” Thanks!

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