Mental Wellness Challenge – 2020, March 26

Mental Wellness Challenge – 26 March, 2020

Last week I challenged all of you to:

  1. Visit HEALTH CANADA. Get the facts on COVID-19– know the facts.
  2. Leave your social media account alone for 4 hours every day. For some, this will be a piece of cake, for others – this piece is going to brutal – that should say something…
  3. Be kind. Be intentionally kind.

How did you do?  I did OK with all of it.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has really caused a change in the world.  As someone who tends to stress about all sorts of things – well – it added to my list.  I did go to Health Canada and have a look at the facts.  The facts aren’t comforting, but its better to know that to guess.  As far as the social media piece goes – I don’t do much of that- by intention… so it wasn’t a big deal for me.  I did startup a Facebook account again, but that was primarily to permit me to connect to family members via Facebook Messenger… so – I won’t install the app on my iPad or my phone… and that’s fine with me.  I am working really hard at being intentionally kind.  People are so stressed right now, it’s the right thing to do – to share a little kindness.

This week’s post is going to be really, really short.

I don’t know if I should apologize for the brevity or not – but with the College closing and moving my instructional center to my dining room table – I’ve been burning the candle more than I should be and sincerely – I need to shut down a bit.

So – this week – I am going to share some things that I am grateful for…

I am grateful for my loving family.  They never cease to amaze me with their loving kindness, their senses of humor, their intelligence and their compassion.

I am especially grateful for my wife.  My truly better half.  I know I wouldn’t be around if it would not have been for her love of me.

I am grateful for the little birds that hang out in my cedar trees in my yard… their antics make me smile – sometimes they make me laugh.

I am grateful for the all the unsung heroes that go about their tasks dutifully without hesitation.  I’m talking about the doctors, the nurses, the city workers that collect our trash and patch our roads, the police that work to keep us safe, the firefighters that rush in when others run away, the utility workers that keep our power on and our communications working, the folks that deliver the mail and the parcels, the folks that are working in the stores – stocking shelves, the cashiers.  I am grateful for all of them.

I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.

I am grateful that I live in a country that takes this pandemic seriously and a government that is looking to put people before politics and the opposition parties that keep the whole system working. (No political intent implied)

I am grateful that I truly have things to be grateful for.

So – this week – that’s all I am going to challenge you to.

Find 5 things each day to be grateful for.  Write them on stickies and put them on a window, or on your fridge.

Please, please, please – take heed of the advice of the medical professionals.  Practice social distancing, be responsible… don’t put yourself in a position where you would have to carry the responsibility for another person contracting this very nasty virus.

That’s it, I challenge you!