2019, October 10

Mental Wellness Challenge

Thursday, October 10, 2019

October is ADHD awareness month!

I hope you were able to work on my challenge from last week a little. I hope that you were able to do some research on ADD/ADHD and were able to share what you had learned with a friend.

I was going to do some more sharing about what ADHD is like for me, my journey with it, however I’ve chosen to wait on that a little…

I’ve had a tremendous amount of “ick” on my mind, on my heart and in my life over the past few weeks. I understand that it’s not what I walk through, but how I react to what I walk through that colours my experience. This leads me to my “ask” for this weeks challenge.

This week, my challenge may seem simple. For some, it will be an everyday thing, for others – myself included – it will require mindfulness, attention, commitment, sincerity and intention.

My challenge this week… My ask this week…

For each day of the next week.


Be kind to the people you work with.

Be kind to the people you live with.

Be kind to the people you deal/interact with.

Be mindful that you likely have zero knowledge of their burdens, their joys or their perspective.

Be mindful that they won’t have any knowledge of YOUR burdens, joys or perspective.

and last and likely most importantly…


Give yourself some understanding, give yourself some space, give yourself some love.

At the end of each day, reflect a little on how being kind coloured your experience that day. Wonder a little about how your kindness might have coloured another’s experience.

I challenge you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!