2019, May 07

Mental Wellness Challenge

My post is a little early this week. I wanted to get this started while there is still some week left…


This week is Mental Health Week in Canada.


The theme for this mental health week 2019 is #GetLoud.


Your mental wellness challenge this week has four parts.


  1. Visit https://mentalhealthweek.ca/yourmentalhealth/ and learn something about Mental Health.


  1. SHARE what you have learned with a member of your family or a friend from “outside of your work place”.


  1. SHARE what you have learned with a co-worker.


  1. As important as it is to share and talk about mental health issues, its even more important to listen to what people need to say. Your fourth piece of this challenge is to listen to what someone has to share about mental health or mental well being!


So – there you go, that’s it for this week.


I challenge you!