2019, 23 May

Mental Wellness Challenge

Last week I challenged you to walk and talk with a friend. Actually, I challenged you to one walk where you were the talker and one walk where you were the listener. I hope your time spent in with a friend or family member was rewarding! I know mine was.


I always find it so very hard to just listen, to just be there, to keep my comments to myself and just support the person I am with.


My challenge this week is once again to be intentionally grateful, appreciative and aware.


For each of the next 7 days:


  1. Find one thing that nature gives you to be grateful for. Be that the sounds of the birds in the morning, the droplets of dew in the grass, or the rising sun. Take a few seconds of your day to appreciate those things.


  1. Take a moment each day to recognize one thing in your circumstance that you are appreciative of. That might be that you live in Canada, away from wars and unrest, or that you have food to eat, or maybe even that you were able to walk to work. Take one moment, just a few seconds, to intentionally acknowledge the good things in your life.


  1. Take one moment each day to think about and be sincerely appreciative of a person in your life. Take the moment, a few seconds to actually think about a person in your life that you are grateful for. This could be your spouse, a good friend, or even someone on the street that you saw doing something that you appreciate – like the caretaker, or a policeman.


For me, taking just a few moments each day to intentionally examine my life for things that I can be grateful for helps me to “feel better” about my circumstances. I will often journal these things to help with the intention piece. The act of writing these things down helps me with that.


So – today I challenge you to be intentionally grateful for your surroundings, things in your circumstance and some of the people in your life. This challenge goes to intention, awareness, connections, and supports in my model.


I challenge you!